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 Synergy 360 Classes - SNRGY360 was created by Life Fitness to provide a transformational and inspiring fitness experience for all types of exercisers. It is ideal for dynamic small group training, one-on-one personal training, and for individual exercisers. Multiple training stations make it easy to move around to attain the optimal workout while allowing an ideal space for group strengthening classes. Each person gets a station, does that exercise for the set amount of time, and then moves on. A trainer is present to correct your form and posture while offering encouragement. Classes are done to music to provide a FUN & ENERGIZING Workout. Synergy 101 - Synrgy for beginners. Set at a slower pace and arthritis friendly. Thursdays at 10 am. Synergy Energy - Synergy for novice exercisers. Exercises designed to give more of a work-out, however, can be modified for all levels. Tuesdays at 10 am. Synergy Power - For the optimal workout including cardio and strength training. Additional fee applies to this class. Monday & Wednesdays 6 am Exercise class for Less Active Older Adults and Seniors Class times are Wednesdays at 9 am - 10 am. Course Description: Community based, recreational group exercise and education program designed specifically for people with arthritis and related diseases. The program’s multiple components help reduce pain and stiffness, and help maintain or improve mobility, muscle strength and functional ability. Each class includes a variety of exercises that can be performed while sitting or standing; endurance-building routines; relaxation exercises; and health education topics. Individuals from basic to advanced capabilities will benefit from the program. Course Objectives: 1.Improved range of motion to better complete activities of daily living. 2.Learn relaxation techniques to control pain and everyday stress. 3.Increased muscle strength and endurance to give you more energy. 4.Take control of your pain through exercise. Developed and Approved by the: