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The Center for Physical Rehabilitation is equipped to restore function and provide the rehabilitation you need to get back to the activities you love.  Whether it’s a sports injury, postoperative rehabilitation or another condition such as back pain or work injury, your condition could benefit from physical therapy.


People who truly care:

By coming to the Center for Physical Rehabilitation (CPR), you are in the hands of experienced people who truly care about your health.  We have the people, the experience and the facilities to customize a program for long-lasting relief and successful rehabilitation. Learn more about our therapists.


We specialize in finding help for these and other conditions:

 • Spine injuries

 • Postoperative rehabilitation

 • Sports injuries

 • Carpal tunnel syndrome

 • Amputee program

 • Headaches

 • Work injuries

 • Tendonitis

 • Neurological conditions

 • Pediatric conditions

 • Ergonomic injuries

 • Balance and gait disorders

 • Hand therapy and bracing

 • NCV Carpal Tunnel Testing

 • Pool Therapy


We have solutions:

We are big enough and diverse enough to handle just about any rehabilitation issue you may have, but not so big that we can’t provide personal attention. Whether it’s chronic back or neck pain or a work injury, we have a treatment for fast relief.  Our treatment options include:


 • Personalized exercise program - We’ll develop a series of therapeutic exercises to help you return to the activities you enjoy.

 • Back School - We provide education to help minimize back injuries and prevent them from recurring.

 • Dynamic Activities - To help recover from neurological problems.

 • Manual Therapy - Uses skilled massage techniques and stretches to restore mobility.

 • Functional Capacity Evaluations - A test designed to measure your physical abilities by having you perform various activities that simulate

on-the-job work.

 • Modalities - Methods to provide pain relief.

 • Job Site Evaluations - We’ll come to your place of business to help determine how to avoid costly work place injuries due to poor ergonomics.

 • Hand therapy and bracing - Custom fabricated bracing for post operative and degenerative diseases.




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