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Ralph Ruebel

 My name is Ralph Ruebel and I have been in the M.O.G. program for 4 months now. I was very impressed with the program from the first day when they conducted the initial evaluation. They were very thorough in this evaluation, checking my upper and lower strength along with my balance. They then put together a program of exercises for my existing conditions. Tanya Young is my instructor and very helpful explaining and demonstrating how to do the exercises. She also makes sure that I am doing them correctly. An evaluation was conducted at the end of three months to check my progress. I was told that I had made significant improvement that they usually don't see for six to nine months. I feel much better than when I started both physically and mentally. My balance has increased significantly. Tanya is a great instructor and I would highly recommend her and the M.O.G. program to anyone wanting to improve their overall strength, balance and general well being.



Michael Davis

As a former client of CPR, I was excited to learn about a new program that helps people continue their physical therapy after being discharged.

P.S. M.O.G. works for me.



Anita Henna

My M.O.G. experience

    At the end of December 2014, I was severely injured in a head-on car crash caused by an unlicensed and uninsured driver. I suffered multiple injuries including a shattered hip socket, a broken femur, a shattered elbow, cracked ribs, lacerations, and severe bruising. I spent nearly five weeks in the hospital for treatment and rehab and underwent three major surgeries. After being confined to a wheel chair for eight weeks, my muscles were emaciated and weak. I also suffered from vertigo from the impact of the airbag. My multiple orthopedic injuries, coupled with the vertigo, left my balance very precarious. Once I was able to graduate to a walker and a cane, I attended three months of Physical therapy.


    While at the physical therapy worked wonders, I elected to attend the M.O.G. to further my recovery. The M.O.G. staff worked with me to design a program that allowed me to succeed and have a sense of accomplishment. I am currently in the middle of my second three month M.O.G. session. I have progressed from only being able to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes to walking 23 minutes at a faster speed and with an incline. My ability to lift weights has steadily increased. Since attending the M.O.G., I have celebrated the following successes:


       -My balance has improved significantly.  This has allowed me to feel more secure in all my daily activities

       -The pain in my injured joints has improved.

       -My endurance has greatly increased.

       -My muscle tone is much improved.

       -My flexibility is better- 10 months following the accident, I recently celebrated being able to tie my shoe for the first time!


    I would highly recommend the M.O.G. to anyone recovering from an injury. I has definitely improved my quality of life.